Comments on “AmLaw Tech Survey: Law Firms Play Variations on Old Themes”

This is an interesting little article that discusses the IT trends predominant with the big law firms out there.  Most appear not to be looking for the technology “paradigm” shift, but rather looking to improve on coordination of existing technologies.  Not a mention is given to expert systems.

Not surprisingly, the big firms are facing the same challenges that other big businesses have had to challenge.   Information streamlining, data storage, and wireless communication are all priorities.  While firms are spending more and more on IT, it will be interesting to see if any of this budget will lead to the adoption of technologies that will not only aid business, but change it.



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  1. sachinsuch on

    You’re right about the current trends and the absence of reference to expert systems. I dont necessarily think its a bad thing either, but reflects that fundamental paradigm shifts cannot occur as quickly in the legal field as quickly as theorists would want or expect. I think the same survey was mentioned in an article that i blogged about here in the Lawyers Weekly:

  2. lannsoon on

    At least the big firms realize that they need to spend some money on IT infrastructure. Some of the lawyers who run solo shops I know of at home wouldn’t be able to turn on a computer without their assistant!

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