Comment on A.Shell’s post on UNSW Law IT

Below is a comment I made in response to A. Shell’s post on the UNSW

I agree with Adam.  UNSW did a shit job of designing their state-of-the-art new building for the realities of the modern world.  While our classrooms back at the University of Alberta resemble something out a communist nightmare, we do have plenty of powerpoints.  We also have FREE wireless connectivity throughout the law school, as well as most of the Uni.  To be quite truthful, this really didn’t matter to me much until I bought a laptop.  I found it annoying that those that did have them spent most of their class time clicking away on MSN messenger.  In retrospect, this was just jealousy.  Life definitely changed for the better when I bought my laptop.  Instead of having to pack around case books and statutes for 5 classes, I only had to pack my computer, as I could grab the materials off the web.  Further, I didn’t have to worry about loosing or ruining my notes, as I had them in e-format.  Easy peasy.  Coming here I expected more of the same.  I was shocked and annoyed to find out that the new building not only didn’t have plug-ins, but also didn’t have wireless.  I don’t know who made the decision, or lack their of, to exclude these necessities, but if it is the goal of the law school to “connect” with the community, maybe first they should connect with their students.


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  1. alexrb on

    I have to agree on both points. The lack of power outlets was either a large oversight or a very poor decision. Perhaps they were concerned about limiting their liability for students tripping over cables or electrocuting themselves, because we’re clearly all such incompetent people.

    In terms of the wireless network, it sounds to me like Alberta is on the right track. Having a network on tap in the classroom must be incredibly convenient. While we have that availability at UNSW, it’s just not feasible for many students to pay the exorbitant rates for it.

    UNSW seems determined to choke the computerisation of law!

  2. grovum on

    According to the guided tour at the beginning of the semester, power points were expressly not included due to the huge cost implications this would have on the Faculty’s electricity bill. The tour guide next went on to discuss the $70,000 window shade they were considering installing in the main auditorium(WTF?)

  3. […] …as Porky Pig would say.  This is my last post for my Computer Applications to Law class at the UNSW.  It’s been a great class, although from my own perspective the 8 hour sessions made somewhat difficult to stay focused in the afternoons (whether due to my ‘Steak and Beer’ lunch hour regimen on class days, to the complete lack of thought that went in to designing the UNSW computer labs ’sans air-conditioning’, or to a combination of the two is hard to say;)  To all my faithful readers, this is going to be tough on you, but keep your chins up, I may return someday. […]

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