Legal Podcasts

I was cruising blog posts and came across a link below in regard to Starbucks podcasts and how tremendously dull they are.  It got me thinking, are any law firms/lawyers communicating in this way?  I decided to do a quick search.  What I found actually surprised me.  When I googled ‘podcasts & law’ I got a TONof hits.  It appears that there are a number of lawyers taking the time out of their “busy” schedules to create podcasts for those who choose to listen.  Why would they do this?  Well, there are a couple of reasons that come immediately to my mind.  So, here we go… 

First, they may just be looking for a soapbox to shout from.  Podcasts are an ideal way to get your voice out there.  Literally, your voice………..Uhhh, is this mike on?  Second, they may be doing it to build firm recognition.  Being the hip new thing, podcasts are a good way to build brand identity with those who are more likely to have iPods, the young power crowd.  Third, legal podcasters may actually be making broadcasts because they have something important to say.  Being that podcasts are a medium of the young up-and-comers (sorry to those who are over 50 and use iPods) , real institutions, with real things to say, can use this technology to reach an audience that may not always follow them.

Whatever reason a lawyer might choose to create a podcast, they should keep one thing in mind.  Keep it interesting! Podcasters are a fickle lot. Unless you want to end up on the bottom of the podcast list, like Starbucks, you will have to keep your audience not only informed, but entertained.

Until next time.


Below is a link to an article in regard to podcasts on by Robert Ambrogi.  It has some good links to podcast sites.  Worth a look.


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