Everything you need to know about legal search engines

My sentiments on building legal search engines, and why people have chosen to do so in various ways, echo my thoughts on such things as engineering.  I’m very happy that there are roads and bridges, as well as people that know how to build roads and bridges; however, I think I can survive my life without knowing how to build a road or a bridge.  That being said, having had a perhaps the worst legal research and writing instructor in recorded history (others will back me up on this), I did appreciate a solid overview of the various leading (free) legal search engines out there.  Perhaps now I won’t have to take Basket Weaving 101 to get access to the Uni Library’s portal to Westlaw during my article.   More to come…


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  1. mjblazic on

    I agree – whilst it’s good to have an overview of how these legal search engines work, all I am truly concerned with is that they efficiently bring up the most relevant search results that I need…….

    If they do this, thumbs up to the people who design/develop them!

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